You Are Loved

Mar 02, 2022

*This is an anonymous story using the words of those who have been sexually abused. Each story will use the format the interviewee wishes their story to be told in, and all names and places are ...

Several Hundred Stupid Things… Edition 4

Feb 15, 2022

It seems that most people have had a bizarre experience in a relationship at least once in their lives! Please bear in mind that all of these people answered with the knowledge that this would be ...

Day Maker Gifts – Commercial

Feb 10, 2022

This video is a short ad for CougMedia student Savannah Owens’ mom’s business, Daymaker Gifts. Shot on campus. Shot and edited by Brooks Upham and Autry Jones Actor: Wilson McKay

Several Hundred Stupid Things… Edition 3

Feb 07, 2022

In yet another case of people having the most interesting stories to listen to, I had the opportunity to ask three more people the question: What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? (In ...

Life on the Light Rail – Josh

Feb 02, 2022

I have always been captivated by people’s stories. When I was young my dad and I would sit on a busy street corner eating ice cream and we would spend hours on end just watching people. We would ...