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Night to Shine Event

Over the past seven years God has worked in amazing ways through Night to Shine and this year is no exception! Night to Shine, is a special prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older. This event is celebrated annually through church hosts around the world. While Night to Shine was intended for an in-person experience, due to the continual threat of COVID, volunteers and staff members worked together to create the same unforgettable experience, but in a way that is safe to all the honored guests. This year, Night to Shine hosted a memorable Shine-Thru Parade and virtual celebration. Churches across the world hosted the parade early Saturday morning, giving guests the opportunity to make it home in time for their special evening. Pikes Peak Community Church in Colorado Springs hosted the largest celebration this year in Colorado. Guests were able to drive down the red carpet, enjoy music provided by K-LOVE radio, dance, and take their photos with fun props and special guest Ms. Colorado. At the parade, guests received a box with all the supplies needed for their virtual celebration. This box included snacks, bingo cards, crowns, party decorations, and flowers. When guests returned home, they were encouraged to put on a celebration outfit, prepare their favorite food, make a grand entrance, and sing and dance the night away! For the evening celebration, guests joined a zoom call with everyone in their district. During their time together they ate dinner, played a few rounds of bingo, danced to their favorite songs, and finished the night with a crowning ceremony. The crowning ceremony is the part of the night that many of the guest look forward to the most. Night to Shine shared a video of Tim Tebow and his wife explaining the importance of the night and the beauty and uniqueness that is in each honored guest. Once the video was over, each guest was introduced individually and crowned by their family members. We are all daughters and sons of the most high king, and what a joy it is to celebrate those who deserve it the most!

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