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What do you have as your anchor? – A Devotion

Hebrews 6:13-20 talks about the certainty of God’s promise to bless Abraham and his descendants. His promise and hope of this blessing is an anchor for us. We can hold true to the knowledge God will bless us and watch over us. Our hope in Him is the strongest anchor we can have. When we start putting our hope in other things, that’s when it becomes rocky.

There are a lot of things we hold onto in our lives. It’s easy to want to grab on tight to money for the feeling of stability, relationships for the feeling of safety, careers for the feeling of success, material objects for the status and feeling of belonging.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Financial stability, healthy relationships, and careers you are passionate about are all good things. However, if you define your life by these fleeting things, you’ll never be fully satisfied. We live in a highly materialistic society, which doesn’t help, because we have so many messages thrown at us telling us that we need more of this and more of that in order to be happy.

These idols we set up and prioritize over Christ and our relationship with him are essentially weak anchors. Jesus Christ is the strongest anchor we can have, our firm foundation, our rock.

He isn’t going anywhere. However, relationships grow and fade. We make and spend money. Careers change. Material objects lose their appeal, and we move on.

What do you have as your anchor? Weak anchors, fleeting idols we prioritize in our life will be there for a time and then fade away. If Christ is not your anchor in life, the stresses and anxiety will come crashing through and start to drown us.

I encourage you as you go forward into this week to think about what anchors you have set up in your life. It’s time to look at what you prioritize in your day and make some adjustments.

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