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Everyone’s Dealt with a “Bad Apple” – It’s Time to Handle It 

Mar 03, 2023

Almost everyone has experienced it before in a meeting or a small group… Someone sitting in the back corner not participating, someone criticizing every move or decision made, or someone who purposefully tries to make the group objective impossible to achieve. This person is positioning ...

Unfortunately, I Still Love the Rockies

Mar 13, 2023

I think the Rockies are my muse. Most artists have a muse, although usually their muses are not actively trying to kill them. Spring is almost here, and along with its mud and jaundiced grass it ...

Woman In STEM – Meet Ashley Vil

Mar 08, 2023

Meet Ashley Vil! She is a sophomore here at CCU studying Biology. Growing up, her favorite subjects were either science or math. She was inspired by her mother to pursue healthcare. Her mother ...

RRR Stands for “Best FRiends FoReveR”

Mar 06, 2023

Let’s watch two best bros kick butt all up and down the Indian subcontinent.  I’d like to begin this article with a bold statement. We’ve got all the hyperbole we could ever ask for in the ...

Ways to Feel a Bit Less Lonely

Mar 02, 2023

We’ve all felt it.  That sinking feeling when you walk into a cafeteria, lunch tray in hand, and look around for a friendly face, only to see a sea of unfamiliars.   No one knows your ...

Woman In STEM – Meet Karinna Brockelman

Feb 22, 2023

Meet Karinna Brockelman! She is a senior of CCU with a Strategic Communication Major with a Digital Media Emphasis. Growing up, she enjoyed anything that had a creative flare including the arts and ...

Ascending Olympus in Search of Rihanna

Feb 20, 2023

In which Will attends the Super Bowl 57 Halftime Show Press Conference. I spent the majority of my Super Bowl week on Radio Row, where glamor does not exist. NFL titans are ever present to the ...

The Hold

Feb 13, 2023

The worst part about it is that the game was so good. Boy was it good. One of the best Super Bowls of the last decade, easily. It was setting up for a classic finish. Another Helmet Catch, maybe, or ...

LadiesSpeak Episode 3

Feb 02, 2023

This episode will cover the topic on immigration. Taylor and Ana will discuss the pros, cons, and Biblical connection. By Taylor Scherck & Ana Dosianu

The Decalibron

Feb 01, 2023

Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt. Bross. Known by Coloradans as the DeCaLiBron. Sounds intimidating right? On September 11, 2022, three of my friends and I decided it was time to ...