Jan 23, 2023

Dear Lord, I am so grateful for you. For who you are, in your endless reliability and presence. I never need to look anywhere besides you for what I need, for with you I lack nothing at all. You ...

Abide Podcast

Jan 21, 2023 By Maggie Copeland

My Dear Girl

Dec 11, 2022

My Dear Girl,   I love You.  I want you to hear  that through and through,    It’s not your hair  it’s not your shoes  it’s not your makeup  it’s not ...

Several Hundred Stupid Things… – Edition 6

May 02, 2022

In the long history of college students doing stupid things, CCU has many, many stories! From midnight hikes in suspicious places to awkward first dates, there will always be plenty of stories to ...

Pretty Close

Apr 29, 2022

Pretty Close It was just yesterday I saw you the first time The glow of pure joy shining bright in your eyes I fell into your arms didn’t know it was the start Full speed ahead ...

Several Hundred Stupid Things – Edition 5

Apr 08, 2022

the college students here at CCU sure do have a lot of stories about the funniest, the dumbest, and the most ridiculous things they have done over the years. I wonder what the professors here have ...