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Dear Lord, I am so grateful for you. For who you are, in your endless reliability and presence. I never need to look anywhere besides you for what I need, for with you I lack nothing at all. You deserve all glory, honor, power, majesty, and praise forever and ever. Help me to find healing in your sacrifice and gain a greater understanding of who you are as I learn how to love you more. Lord, you are ever faithful, always true, and always praiseworthy. You have always been present in my life, never failing to love me. You were there when I was difficult and broken, just as much as you are now as I am healing and whole. You have always been in my life. Lord you are surely God. You were there in the beginning before I drew life into my lungs and you’ll be there in the end when I reach eternity with you. Lord you are my God. You give to me the breath of life, my hope for tomorrow, and the light of the world. In the words of prayer, you hear and pay heed to your servant and love her so well. Thank you for your shepherding, guiding, and providing hand. For you have been faithful again and again, whatever storm may threaten me. Though you guide down paths I cannot see, your light and grace and love will ever be there with me. Lord you truly are worthy of all glory, for in your creation your love and hope are seen. You are great in love, power, and unfathomable grace.

Gracious father, I come before you knowing and feeling how fully unworthy I am. The shadow of the reality of life covers over your glory and grace in my eyes, where I find myself in a place I cannot see you at all. Knowing who you are and feeling it are such different things. Sometimes I forget that you do not ask me to understand you. There is and never will be anyone like you. You do not need me to understand your ways but to follow them, for your ways are higher than mine, your power, majesty, and holiness beyond any comprehension of mine. But I confess to you how little I know of you. That I will never know enough about you, let alone enough to understand you. But thank you for letting me know enough about you to love you, and that I can be left in awe of the fact that you love me.  

Help me to fight to delight in you Lord. To live by faith, not by unbelief or worry or fear. Lord, I can do nothing unless I am in you. Before you my life was full of meaningless chatter, and I know that it is only through you that my striving comes to have a purpose. Father help me as I grow in faith, that I will be guided in the right ways, along good paths, for your namesake. “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For you are with me, your rod and your staff they comfort me” (Ps. 23). Lord, I am grateful for your shepherding, as I am stuck and alone without aid from man. Thank you that I never need to look elsewhere for my hope, but to you alone. Through the trials of my life, you have furnished me into a table worth being used. You have made me a vessel through which your love and hope may be shown. So as I go about my days, as I live my life, I pray I will not become so accustomed to you that I ignore you, but grant me the discernment to see and hear what is from you., You allow my hope to be you and you alone and you are beyond worthy of that glory. The smallest of creatures shout out your praise, and I pray that I will as well. Help me rejoice in you Lord, and give me courage so that all might see the unconditional love you have for your people.

I love you Lord, and I pray you will continue to open my heart to seeing, understanding, and being grateful for who you are, and who you have created me to be before the beginning of time.  

Thank you Lord, [Text Wrapping Break]Amen. 

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