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Several Hundred Stupid Things – Edition 5

the college students here at CCU sure do have a lot of stories about the funniest, the
dumbest, and the most ridiculous things they have done over the years. I wonder what the professors here have to say on the topic…

Dean Ryan Hartwig of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences was more than happy to share about “absolutely the most dumb thing” he ever did. When he and his now wife, Jill, were dating, they went on a ski trip. While she was bent over to pick something up, Hartwig thought it would be funny if he poured a Sprite down the back of her pants. And so he did. Unsurprisingly, Jill was not amused, as she spent the rest of the day with damp and sticky pants. In spite of this being the dumbest thing he ever did, she not only dated him, but married him!

Another professor who was lightning quick to share was Dr. Ian Clary. He explained that, while he was in high school, he and a group of his friends thought that it would be a good idea to explore an abandoned brewery from the 1920’s. This said brewery was on the edge of a river, where there were many barges filled with sand that had not been moved for a great many years. One of his friends actually fell through the floor without a sound because the wood was rotten the entire way through. But the interesting part came when, after exploring for a while, it began to get dark. Given how long the building had been abandoned there were no lights to help them find their way out. So they found a way out.

There was a large tall glass window that was split in the middle, and it was a large enough gap that they figured they could jump out of it. The only hitch was, naturally, that it was several floors up and there was a power line stretching out right in front of it. So the obstacle was jumping through a broken glass window and over a power line, dropping out of a multi-story building and landing on the sand filled barge below without injury. The rest of the guys jumped straight away, leaving Clary alone and “chicken” to jump. After much deliberation while he watched his friends walk away and start to leave him behind, he jumped. Terrifyingly but thankfully he landed safely on the hard sand. Worried that his friends had left him behind and that he would be left to fend for himself in the dark, he turned the corner from where he landed. Not only did he find them there waiting for him, but they had sent one of their friends back up
into the building by himself to get Clary back. While a bit of a longer story, it is definitely one of the several hundred stupid things that Dr. Clary has done during his life.

You have a lifetime to experience so many new and exciting things and get to tell so many more stories. Would you like to share about the dumbest thing that you’ve ever done? Let me know in the comments below, or come talk to me! I’d love to hear all about it.

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