Will Klumpenhower

How to Deal with a Social Media Crisis

Feb 06, 2022

In the 21st century, an quality online presence is invaluable. More and more, brands are working to curate compelling social media profiles. Will Klumpenhower is a burgeoning public relations ...

Joel Osteen is Stuck on his Back Like a Bug

Oct 11, 2021

CM - Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen was admitted to Houston Methodist hospital yesterday afternoon with a curious malady. The minster of Lakewood Church was discovered in his bedroom ...

A burrito bar

My Body is an Engine that Runs on Frijoles

Mar 23, 2021

College is a time of exploration, a time where young men and women forge into the great unknown to find themselves, and possibly a career (haha!). It’s also a great time to experiment with life- a ...

America’s National Park Problem

Mar 18, 2021

Our National Parks, tragically, have lost their sense of discovery. America is a country built on the knowledge of The Enlightenment. We may have “In God We Trust” emblazoned across our ...

Nolan Arenado is Gone

Jan 30, 2021

I didn’t want to have to release this article. If you’re reading this, that means it’s happened. I wrote this article a while ago, hoping it would never see the light of day, that the people ...

A Eulogy for the Denver Broncos

Jan 11, 2021

An ode to the Denver Broncos' ill-fated 2020 campaign. It hurts because it is designed to hurt. There is one winner, and 31 losers. This year, my team is one of the losers. The Denver Broncos’ ...