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50 States for 50 Students: Minnesota

What is your name? 

Daniel Block.

Which state are you from? 


Have you lived there your whole life? 


Describe your state in three words. 

Cold, trees, and moody. 

 Are you proud of being from your home state? Why or why not? 

No. It’s not the worst state but it’s middle ground. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it. There’s not much to do. You know what, I guess I’m impartial. 

How did growing up in your state affect your childhood? 

I think the winters made people become homebodies in Minnesota, so I am very comfortable being at home. Since it’s overcast for over 6 months of the year, it really affects your mood. And because you don’t see the sun for half the year, there is a much higher depression rate. 



I have to change outfits three times a day here. 



What kind of local traditions did your town have? 

Minnesota has a huge state fair. It’s one of the biggest state fairs in the US. There’s farm animals you can pet and 4H stuff. There’s also so much fried food. If it ain’t deep fried, don’t eat it. 

What was the culture like in your home state or town? 

Minnesota people are pretty welcoming and nice. We’re ‘Minnesota nice.’ I would describe it as reserved but welcoming. 

What kind of relationship did you have with your neighbors? 

As kids we’d play together all the time. One of my neighbors had a pop up pool. Our neighborhood would have a 4th of July parade for the kids. The kids would decorate their bikes and ride them in the parade. There were fireworks and nerf fights. We’d hang out outside mostly or go to the park. 

What was your favorite thing to do in your home state or town? 

Go to the lakes. Anything lake related like fishing, tubing, and swimming. There were no beaches but there were docks. Also, playing ultimate frisbee. 

Are there any foods that your state is famous for? 

Minnesota is probably famous for the state fair food, so anything fried. Also the Land O Lakes butter is from Minnesota. Maybe hot dishes, like casseroles but different. Oh, also wild rice soup. 

Is there any slang from your home state that you use frequently? 

Minnesotans have big accents. We emphasize our O’s. But not really any slang. 

Do you have any local celebrities? 

Judy Garland. That’s about it. 



We’re ‘Minnesota nice.’ 



What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your home state? 

My favorite part is the lakes. My least favorite part is everything else. 

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of Colorado? 

My favorite part of Colorado is that there’s so much to do outside. You can’t do outdoorsy things in Minnesota except camp. Here you can hike, climb, and ski. The weather’s nice here too. My least favorite part of Colorado is how inconsistent the weather is. I have to change outfits three times a day here. The people are really inconsistent too. Some people are nice, others aren’t. 

What drew you to CCU / Colorado? 

God drew me here. But also the outdoorsy things, I love that part. God, people, community, and the outdoors, I would say. 

How has living in Colorado changed your lifestyle? 

I’m more free-spirited. At home people are homebodies, but here I feel more spontaneous. 

If someone were to visit your home state, what would you recommend they do? 

Come in the summer when there’s lots to do. If you come during the winter, you’re only seeing the snow. During the summer you can camp and go to lakes and to the state fair. There’s always random people during art in sculpture parks. 



Say milk or bag. No. 



After graduation, do you plan on staying in Colorado, returning to your home state, or going somewhere else? 

Undetermined. I’d prefer not to stay in Minnesota because of the environment but I’m not too opposed because all my friends and family are there. The East Coast would be interesting, maybe the Carolinas. 

What are the most common stereotypes about your state and are they true? 

That everyone has a heavy accent, but it’s not really true. Not everyone has a heavy accent but I guess if an outsider went there they might notice it more. 

What is the most common reaction you get when you tell people where you’re from? 

They always ask “Do you have an accent?” I know that’s so repetitive but it’s true. They also always tell me, “Say milk or bag.” No.  

What is something surprising about your state that most people don’t know? 

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are from Minnesota. It’s a famous Minnesota tall tale. 

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