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More than Just An Athlete – A Story of Finding Community 

Noah Kon started college basketball at Northern Illinois University but after a year he decided to search for somewhere he could find more connections and a sense of community. After finding Colorado Christian University, he decided to commit because of the community on the Men’s basketball team and also the smiles on the faces of students around campus, which he says was new to him from his previous time at NIU. Noah loves the dynamic on the team and the joy the team has for life and basketball. He is studying Political Science where he has found connections to his professors and classmates that he feels like he did not have prior to transferring.  

 Noah likes to find joy in the small things in life so laughing and being entertained by his friends on his team is the key to his community at CCU. The team is joyful and funny and Noah has liked getting to grow as a player and person. Growing up, Noah liked to read books that enabled him to travel to different worlds and explore with his imagination outside of everyday life. He says his favorite series was Magic Treehouse because of all the places he could imagine himself traveling to. His imagination and sense of humor allow him to experience the joy of life even through tough seasons in all aspects of life. 

 Noah has been playing basketball from a young age and says he stuck with it because of how proud it made his parents. He expressed that his parents are his biggest fans and love supporting him at games ever since he started playing. When learning basketball at a young age, he remembers being nervous to take chances and only ever playing defense but the first time he gained the confidence to dribble and shoot in a game, his parents were so excited for him, which made him eager to compete and get to the next level. He loved that feeling so much he stuck with the game and is an outstanding offensive and defensive player for CCU Men’s basketball team as well as a student contributing to the community here at CCU. 

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