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Alpine Ambience: The Positive Culture of Skiing and Snowboarding

Colorado Christian University is surrounded by the mountains and less than two hours away from some of the best ski resorts, which makes going up to ski or snowboard the perfect weekend activity for students. Here at CCU, a weekend staple is exactly that. From waking up at 6:30 on a Friday morning, loading up the car, and grabbing your essential snacks from the C Store, a huge part of CCU culture is surrounded by skiers and snowboarders. Skiing makes for a lot of fun runs on the mountain, but it is more than that. From being a snowboarder myself and personally experiencing the culture of this snow sport, there are plenty of other students who feel the same way about the positive culture skiing and boarding has to offer. From making new connections and finding healthy activities on the weekend, here’s a glimpse into the culture of skiing and boarding.

As college students, a huge part of the experience is meeting new people, making new friends, and building memorable connections. Skiing grants the perfect opportunities for all of those. Starting off with the drive to the mountain. Within the drive alone you will discover others’ music taste and random conversation topics are bound to break the surface. Just within the first two hours of your trip you have made a stronger connection with those surrounding you in the car. A huge part of taking on the mountain is taking the chair lift. These are where the best of the best conversations and laughs make way, even with random people sitting next to you or even behind you. The culture of skiing and snowboarding, especially for students here at CCU, is such an easy and memorable way to make great connections and get plugged into the community.

As students at CCU, we are all blessed with a three-day weekend, every weekend. Being at a university that is surrounded by the mountains, skiing and snowboarding is easily a healthier and more fulfilling alternative than spending our weekends out partying and falling victim to secular temptations. Not only does skiing provide us students with a healthy activity outside of our school, but it gives us a chance as Christians to share our faith up on the mountain with others. Another great opportunity the culture of skiing grants us.

Moreover, the culture of skiing provides a consistent healthy lifestyle. It’s a way for us students to separate ourselves from schoolwork and let go of some stress on the mountain. Feeling the adrenaline of either hitting a jump or racing down the slope is a great way for students to immerse themselves in a positive community and recharge their mind for the week.

The culture of snowboarding and skiing plays a much larger role than just simply going down a mountain. Especially here at CCU, it’s a great way to get plugged into community, find a healthy balance of schoolwork and fun, and share God’s love with others.

Photography by Lake Johnson

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