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Stories with Strangers

Welcome to week eight of Stories with Strangers and I hope you all are having a wonderful week as the semester slowly comes to a close! The setting for this week’s story was a little bit different since I did not do my interview at the usual Starbucks but I did my interview instead at the Molecule Effect. I have been a customer of this superb coffee shop for quite a while now, it was one of the first one I went to when I came to this area and ever since have loved it very much. The atmosphere is classy and modern and the coffee always comes out just perfectly roasted every time I get it. This establishment however every Friday has life music with a local artist named Rene Moffatt. I wasn’t planning on interviewing him but we ended up talking throughout the night and he shared some of his journey on his path of becoming an artist  

Rene describes himself as a late bloomer when it comes to his music career since he didn’t start early like so many normally do. He start about 10 years ago with a passion for songwriting and performing and went on to write many songs in his first couple of years. Eventually he was starting to think to himself that he had a real shot fo turning this dream of his into a possible reality so in 2016, Rene decided to move out of Texas and move to Colorado. When he arrived here he started creating albums and very shortly after arriving here got to perform at the Globe Hall. Rene then just talked about some of the challenges that came up while he was starting to pursue his own dreams. The biggest one he talked about was the financial difficulties that come with pursuing a career in the arts. He then switched topics and talked about how he ended up getting to perform weekly at the Molecule Effect. He ended up meeting the owners of the coffee shop and right off the bat they clicked and when they found out that he was a local musician, they invited him to perform and he accepted without a single hesitation. He ended his story by just saying that his journey to where he is right now had many ups and downs, but he wouldn’t change a thing since he strongly believes his journey of hardships is what crafted him into becoming a better artist day by day.  

I loved not only listening to his story but also loved listening to him just sing, he has a very smoothing voice that just makes you sway slowly in seat while sipping on a nice cup of coffee. I will personally say Rene is incredibly talented, though he might not admit it since he is very humble I will happily inflate his ego for him. I ended that evening getting a second white pistachio mocha and stayed till closing of the shop listening to the very harmonious tunes.  

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