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Dear Freshmen (Introvert Version)

Dear Freshmen (Introvert Version),

1) It’s okay if your risks look different than others.
With your Instagram feed full of people out cliff jumping, climbing 14ners, trying new restaurants, etc. every weekend, it can often feel that your experience isn’t valid if you’re not doing the same. But risks for you might look different-it might look like initiating conversation with a stranger, wearing something new, or participating in boat races. And that is completely okay.

2) Let yourself take breaks.
God has not wired us to “go, go, go” all day long. He has given us the gift of rest for a reason. Figure out what resting looks like for you practically. Take walks, go treat yourself to ice cream, journal, or just take a nap.

3) Your Professors care deeply about you.
While in class they may seem to connect better with students who are more apt to speak up, they see you and want to get to know you. Ask to get coffee with them, or just have small conversations after class. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be invested in.

4) You can say no.
I know it may sound cliché, and everyone says it. But not many put it into practice. Focus on what is life-giving to you. If that is going out with a bunch of friends, that’s great! But you are not “boring” or “lame” for choosing to stay home.

5) There are people seeking deep connection.
Coming in, it can feel as if everyone is just looking for fun, late-night adventures, and rushes of adrenaline. And while those things can be life-giving, there are also people who want those open conversations and intentional relationships- you just need to seek them out.

Overall, I just want you to know that you are seen. Your desires for connection and community are valid. Have patience with yourself, you are not alone.

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