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50 States for 50 Students: Ohio

What’s your name? 

Grace Beck. 

Which state are you from? 


Have you lived there your whole life? 

I lived in Missouri for two years, but besides that I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life. 

Describe your state in three words. 

Community, diversity, and fields.  

Describe the people in your state in three words. 

Warm, hospitable, and open. 

Are you proud of being from your home state? Why or why not? 

Before coming to Colorado, I hated Ohio. But after living here for a while and being away from my home, I’ve realized how much I miss Ohio. 



“Ope.” It’s always “ope.” 



How did growing up in your state affect your childhood? 

Growing up in Ohio, especially in my home town, made me really recognize the value of community. It made me appreciate how welcoming and community-based people can be. I thought that it was normal to have such strong connections and community until I came to Colorado. I also value the small things because there aren’t many things to do in Ohio. 

What kind of local traditions did your town have? 

Do we have any? I don’t know if we have any.  

What was the culture like in your home state / town? 

It was probably different for me than for others because my dad was in politics and he was the sheriff of our town for a while. Because of that, I think we experienced the culture at a faster pace because we were always going to events. Families in Ohio stay in their town for generations.  

What kind of relationship did you have with your neighbors? 

Our neighbors on one side were month-by-month payment families. It was kinda sketchy. We never saw the women and children who live there, only the men. But on the other side, there was a family who went to our church and they would always have us over. We always shared food and tools.  

What was your favorite thing to do in your home state / town? 

In high school, I really enjoyed hanging out with friends in a parking lot and talking for hours. Or we would drive to the reservoir and watch the sunset.  

Are there any foods that your state is famous for? 

My town is known for lima beans. Ohio, in general, is probably known for agriculture stuff like soybeans.  

Is there any slang from your home state that you use frequently? 

“Ope.” It’s always “ope.” 

Do you have any local celebrities? 

The TV show Glee was filmed and based in Lima, Ohio which is where I live.  

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your home state? 

My favorite part of Ohio is the community aspect and the sunsets. My least favorite part is how dreary and gray it often is.  



Our highest point is only 1,800 feet.   



What are your favorite and least favorite parts of Colorado? 

My favorite part of Colorado is how beautiful it is. I love the views here. I don’t love how it’s not community centered. It doesn’t feel warm. Everyone’s just doing their own thing.  

What drew you to CCU / Colorado? 

I think I was drawn by the idea of how Colorado is so free and adventurous. Going west meant people wanted a more spontaneous lifestyle. CCU itself seemed very grounded and offered a lot of things I was interested in. There’s beautiful views, lots of things to do, and also a solid educational foundation. 

How has living in Colorado changed your lifestyle? 

Living in Colorado has made me realize how much I value the little things. When I first came to Colorado, I would just notice the big views like the mountains. But since living here for a while, I have grown to realize how much I love the little things.  



Community, diversity, and fields.  



If someone were to visit your home state, what would you recommend they do? 

To be honest, I don’t know what I would tell people to do. There’s a lot of fields and countryside. I would probably recommend they go to Columbus or go to one of the Great Lakes.  

After graduation, do you plan on staying in Colorado, returning to your home state, or going somewhere else? 

I might stay in Ohio, but I also don’t want to be one of those people who stay in my hometown forever. I don’t know what the Lord’s plans are so I’ll just take it one year at a time. I also want to do travel nursing at some point.  

What are the most common stereotypes about your state and are they true? 

Everyone just thinks Ohio is horrible. People will just say “Oh that’s tough.” They just assume it’s a bland and odd ball state. To be fair, it is the midwest. I don’t think all the bashing is valid, but I think you have to live there to recognize the little good parts.  

What is something surprising about your state that most people don’t know? 

Most people don’t know that we have a ski mountain. Our highest point is only 1,800 feet, but we do have a small ski resort. We usually have to make snow because we don’t get enough. I also think the sunsets in Ohio are prettier than Colorado.  

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