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Psalm 42:1: As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God.  


Oh, my soul, it longs for you 

My soul, it longs for you, oh God 

You know the inmost depths of me 

So would you strip away my prideful facade 

Search me and know me and expose my sin 

So that when you reach me I may begin 

To let down the bitter walls of my heart 

And navigate my life with a brand new start 

I tend to rely on my own strength  

But every time I lose my way  

I lose sight of what I know: 

That you rescue me when I’ve gone astray 

You refresh my soul with your streams of love 

You are gentle and kind, like a precious dove 

Though you are mightier than all, you bring rest in the strife 

I’m desperate for your presence where there is fullness of life 

Oh my heart, it longs for you 

My heart, it longs for you, oh God 


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