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Stories with Strangers

Welcome to week one of Stories with Strangers! I’m Charles Tieszen if you couldn’t already tell from the title and I’ll be the writer of this publication. Each week I plan to tell a story of some stranger, they can be some random person on the street, or even the barista who serves me coffee. To kick off this week one we shall do a brief introduction on yours truly, me!

To those of you who know me, hello! To those of you who don’t know also hello! I am from the New England area originally. I lived on the East coast for about eighteen years and boy do I have some stories. The story today that I will share will be the crazy ice cream customer one. It was the summer of the first job I had which was at an ice cream shop. I was the cashier and did some ice cream scooping along with some other little things. Then on a cloudy, rainy night there was a family of eight that came in about five minutes before close. I was annoyed like anyone teenager would be on a Friday night when he had plans afterwards but I went and took their order with a delightful smile! They all ordered cookie dough ice cream with a sugar cone. I got all of the order ready and gave them to the customers and made sure to ask if they needed anything else, they said no and so I made sure to tell them to have a good evening and thanked them for coming in. After cleaning up the shop, they came to the window and told me that I didn’t give any of them sugar cones. This statement was untrue since I could see several of them eating the ice cream all with a sugar cone. I got my boss to handle the instance, she looked at the camera feeds and saw I gave them all sugar cones. She told them to leave so I finished the last of my duties and then clocked out to go home. The family was still there at the shop in their van with it on but I thought nothing of this. I got and my car and preceded to leave when the family in the van also decided to pull out and start to leave. I didn’t think anything of this but as I continued driving home they were still following me closely. My paranoia kicked in then so I decided to go around in circles to see if they kept following me or not. They indeed continued to follow me for about 15 minutes so I decided to speed up and they too sped up with me. Eventually I got out of there line of sight and ducked into a side street and turned off all my lights. They drove by at incredibly high speeds and I knew that it was over. I then went home and made sure that nobody came down my street. The conclusion I came to with this scenario is that people can be crazy for a simple sugar cone.


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