Women In STEM Series – Meet Jordan Tolbert

Nov 13, 2022

Meet Jordan Tolbert! She is a junior here at CCU majoring in pre-med. Growing up, her favorite subject was biology because of how fascinating the cell is to learn. She enjoys learning how they work ...

Empower – “What Makes you Feel Unsafe?”

Nov 10, 2022

Photo by Allie Jamison This semester, we took the time to interview female students on campus to ask them two questions. What makes you feel unsafe and what do you do to protect yourself. This ...

LadiesSpeak Episode 1

Nov 09, 2022

This episode will cover the topic on Biden's student loan forgiveness plan. Taylor and Ana will discuss the pros, cons, and Biblical connection. By Taylor Scherck & Ana Dosianu

Stories with Strangers

Nov 04, 2022

Welcome to week five of Stories with Strangers. I decided to switch things up this week and I went to a coffee shop called Blue Sparrow Coffee instead of my usual Starbucks. I will start off saying ...

Empower: Get to Know Us

Nov 03, 2022

Photo by Allie Jamison My name is Deborah Sifuentes, and I am a freshman at Colorado Christian University. I am majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Clinical Counseling. One thing I would ...

Stories with Strangers

Oct 28, 2022

Welcome to issue four of Stories with Strangers, and this week we have quite a fun story that I think everyone will enjoy reading about so make sure to find a cozy spot and get a drink so that you ...

Empower: Get to Know Us

Oct 27, 2022

Photo by Allie Jamison My name is Steffanie, and I am a sophomore here at CCU majoring in General Science and minoring in Digital Media. One thing I want others to know about me is that I played ...

Testimonies at CCU – Samantha Penrose

Oct 24, 2022

“My relationship with the Lord was frustrating.” Samantha Penrose, a junior at CCU, shared with me. “I’d heard in church that it wasn’t a religion, but a relationship.” She explained that ...