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Several Hundred Stupid Things… Edition 1

There are several hundred stupid things that I cannot wait to do in my life. Stupid, crazy, fun, adventurous, out there – I long to experience God’s creation and explore the wonders that He has for my life and have many stories to tell when I get old. Of the stories I have, I know all the crazy, outlandish, ridiculous things that happened behind them. But I got curious about what other people’s stories are, and what fascinating things have happened in their lives.

For people like Ben, a second semester freshman at Colorado Christian University, the most fun thing you could do is hike a mountain at night! Not only is climbing up a mountain in the dark dangerous, but it’s even more dangerous when you start climbing through caves in the mountain. Particularly when the caves are so narrow one can barely fit through. While that might not sound like the most fun to those scared of the dark (or who dislike hiking), that adventure is one that Ben will always remember as one of the craziest things he has ever done.

For others like Archer, a senior here at CCU, snorkeling is not the most fun you can have in the Florida waters on vacation. As it turns out, wrestling a shark is probably the craziest thing he has ever done! Now that sounds really, truly crazy. Having been on board a boat for a week straight, the captain mentioned that he had wrestled a shark before, and Archer decided to give it a try. Diving into the water and grabbing hold of a shark, wrestling to keep it in your arms as it tries to swim away – do you think you would dare?

So here’s the question for you – what is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Reason doesn’t have to have anything to do with it…

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