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Are We Doomed?

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Is there something about this human condition that leaves us irredeemable? I know not theologically, as we ascertain to the idea of God calling us His Beloved, but what about experientially? I do not wish to challenge the narrative of modern Christianity, but if the opposite is true, how come we don’t act like it? How come, in face of all the capacities and internal narratives, we conclude it is God that lies about our identity and we who know what we truly are? As college students, we believe we are invincible and incapable of doing irreparable damage to our colleagues and loved ones. Yet, in this stage of life, we have the most capacity to do lasting damage.

Think about the popular saying thrown around by students, “you’re not an alcoholic until you graduate” which will have a sustaining effect on the person and those involved with them. What we do matters and what we say influences our listeners and observers. I know this because I have been told, boldly and courageously the harm I had upon a dear friend. The death of intimacy is on the rise in this generation and to assume that this small, Christian community is not able to be affected is not only ignorant but damning to those who deny the incoming tidal wave.

To keep quiet amidst this knowledge would be a disgrace to Christ of whom we ‘claim’ to believe. Yet, we spit in his face and muddy his feet when we, His Beloved, deny our identity in Him. Denying our identity leads to insanity (defined for this purpose of living apart from reality) because if there is no sin too great or tumultuous to keep us from the Savior’s love, how then ought we live? Can you imagine the intimacy experienced by a Christian community that recognizes their identity, lives it out, and owns up to their failings? Well, I would very much enjoy that reality.

I might be too optimistic to see this come into the culture. I believe we have already sold our souls to the intermediary screen upon which we worship. Instagram and social media have become the gods of our lives. We worship ideals and fantasies over the God Who Is. I might just be a rambling, no good, insane student, but there is something to be said about seeking to have the perfect social media page and to have the brand-new iPhone. I really could give two flying cents about how angry this causes the community. This has gone off on many tangents, to say the least, but I write from experience.

I have been the one to say, “No God, I know me better than you know me. I see myself as the monster I am and there is no amount of love or grace available for me. If I was a soil upon which the seed fell, I am not even amongst the soils listed. The soil I am is the one where the seed grows and dies because of the toxicity of my soil.” If I had to list four good things about myself, well I’d be doomed. Thanks be to Christ I am not, however. A sinner I am, but a High Priest He is to whom my sins have been washed white like the snow falling on this day off. I pray these rambling words of mine do not fall on deaf ears. For articles on the death of intimacy or other subjects listed email me at: thesoupcampbell19@gmail.com

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