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Women In STEM Series – Meet Maddie Koerner

Meet Maddie Koerner! She is a junior who is an Industrial and Systems Engineering Major. Literature was her favorite subject growing up.

She was inspired to go into STEM because she had a lot of good science teachers throughout her high school and middle school experience. She has also had really encouraging professors here at CCU.

To be a Woman in STEM to Maddie, means that she is able to use her gifts and reach her full potential in whatever way that God has equipped her.

In general, she loves to be able to piece together the puzzle and the discovery aspect of the entire STEM field. She mentioned that the goal of industrial engineering the overall goal is to look at a system and make improvements to make it better which is fun to Maddie.

She picked her major honestly because this field is such a hard place to start in. If it ever became too hard, Maddie would know to move to another subject. She also wanted to start in STEM since it is really hard to transfer into the STEM field. At CCU, her favorite class has been Chemistry for Engineers because she had a great professor, and she loves Chemistry. It is like science and math in the same class.

Some challenges that she has had to overcome is how hard the classes and math can be sometimes for Maddie.  However, having great professors and classmates that help her power through her tough times have been so beneficial to her.

Some advice Maddie would give to others is that, you will not going to be able to complete this field without the help of your classmates and professors because there will be a point in your career where will not know what to do and need the help of others.

Maddie is able to incorporate her faith in her field because there is a lot of beauty and order in science and Engineering specifically which is reflective on the human’s capacity to create. Which is a reflection of how creative God is and she really loves seeing how ordered the universe is.

One thing she wants others to know about her is that she is really enthusiastic about a lot of things. She loves science but she also loves the arts and literature and English. She just has the desire to learn everything because it is fun to her!

It was such a pleasure to interview Maddie and get to know her story! Stay tuned for more stories!

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