Alpine Ambience: The Positive Culture of Skiing and Snowboarding

Apr 04, 2024

Colorado Christian University is surrounded by the mountains and less than two hours away from some of the best ski resorts, which makes going up to ski or snowboard the perfect weekend activity for students. Here at CCU, a weekend staple is exactly that. From waking up at 6:30 on a Friday morning, ...

Don’t Let Temptation Overcome Your Mission

Apr 12, 2024

For Students Preparing to Evangelize Abroad Read Matthew 4:1-11.  Observations: Satan did not begin to tempt Jesus until He had fasted for forty days, was tired, and hungry. He waited to ...

Snow and Hope

Apr 03, 2024

Storm Qadir slammed Colorado this March, dumping over fifty inches of snow in some places. Lakewood alone got over a foot of heavy spring snow, blanketing our campus in white. Oh, if only it had come ...

Lakewood Cider Day

Apr 03, 2024

These pictures were taken by Nathaniel Johnston at the Lakewood Cider Day in Fall of 2023.

More Than Just An Athlete – A Transfer Story

Apr 02, 2024

Last fall, Regan LoConte joined the CCU Cougars women's basketball team from Quincy University. Currently, she is a senior who is pursuing a degree in Biology. Thankfully all her credits transferred ...

Women in STEM – Meet Leielle Salinger

Mar 19, 2024

Meet Leielle Salinger! She is a senior Pre-Physician Assistant (PA) major here at CCU. Growing up, Biology was always a subject that she loved the most. She mentioned that she was very math ...

Within Four Walls

Mar 11, 2024

“Wow, this dorm sure is a lot nicer than mine in college!”  This phrase echoes through the halls of CCU during move-in, preview tours, and basically any other time parents are on ...