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Car Talks with Van: What it Means to be Pro Life

Welcome to Car talks with Van. My goal is to have conversations with people from all different walks of life and open up discussion on a unique variety of topics. I want people to laugh, cry, reflect, but most importantly I want to inspire people to have conversations with their loved ones. There are so many people I know that don’t have open and honest conversations with their moms and dads, friends, siblings, etc. It is important to talk to each other, listen to one another, and laugh with one another.

My roommate Makenna and I over the last few weeks have stayed up well into the evening talking about everything from mental health, boys, friends, and family. A couple of nights ago Makenna mentioned to me that at age 11 her Mom and Dad unexpectedly got asked to become foster parents. Growing up Makenna has had five different foster siblings, and her Mom and Dad adopted one. I began to ask her tons of questions and we rattled on for a few hours about her experience with the foster care system. As we kept talking our conversation quickly found itself on the topic of abortion. A topic that a lot of people try to avoid, however, I don’t avoid tough conversations, I welcome them.

Colorado Christian University is known for being a school that is filled with people who are helping to lead a Pro-life generation. However, what does it mean to be Pro-Life? Is it just a movement trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade? If so, then Christians are going about it all wrong. Overturning Roe vs. Wade would ensue a magnitude of chaos and pain for women across the country. MaKenna and I began to discuss what it should truly mean to be Pro-Life.

When Makenna was discussing the foster system she stated, “A lot of people are ‘Pro-Life’ until the baby is born. I have seen it first hand.” She went on to explain to me that the foster care system is flooded with kids, and people don’t truly realize how many kids in the U.S don’t have good homes, or a home in general. We both agreed that people within the Pro-Life movement need to stop focusing so much attention on stopping abortions, and shift their focus as to WHY women are getting abortions. Let’s start there.

Instead of yelling at women as they walk into planned parenthood, let’s help fund and volunteer at battered women shelters. Instead of belittling and shaming women for their choices, let’s fight for women to have easier access to contraceptives. Instead of setting up camp outside of abortion clinics, let’s mentor young mom’s and financialy and emotionally support them through their pregnancy. Being Pro-Life is more than just looking out for the unborn children, it’s about looking out for every stage of life.

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